Dragonfly Philippino rolling papers;

 Dragonfly 'flavored' rolling papers are packed only 12 per box with 50 sheets per pack.  Made in the Philippines (although they sort of pretend to be made in Europe - see the packs). The paper itself is quite thick, about a 18 or 20gsm and appears to be made from wood fibre.

 Their flavored rolling paper claims to be the first one packed in foil.  This isn’t exactly an eco-friendly product.  You tear open a foil pouch and then inside is a normal pack of rolling papers.  I don’t really understand the need for the foil.

 The flavor of the Dragonfly strawberry rolling papers was very light - not much strawberry, but the rolling paper tasted very sickly saccharin too-sweet.  It left me running for a glass of water.  I had trouble getting my friends to try the other Dragonfly flavors after they had licked that gross strawberry.  The Dragonfly blueberry rolling paper tasted like an overly-sweet fruit tea, sort of like if you put too much saccharin in your tea.  Definitely not something I wanted to lick again.  Interestingly enough, it’s been several hours since I last licked one, I have drunk a full glass of water yet I can’t get that pungent taste off my lips.

 We also noticed that in each Dragonfly rolling paper pack, only the first 5 or so sheets have any flavor, then the rest aren’t really flavored, maybe to cut costs?.   It would probably be smart to avoid Dragonfly flavored rolling papers.  I’ll keep them for my collection as I don’t expect it to be in the marketplace long (no trades sorry).  One friend made a joke that "this is probably exactly what a blueberry dipped Dragonfly actually tastes like.."

All right here's a strange update. We met a gentleman named 'Fred' at the Tobacco Plus Expo who said he was the director of Dragonfly Rolling Papers. He works with his associate Mohan Thadani to produce these rolling papers in the Philippines.  Fred resides in the Philippines and uses an internet phone (like Vonage) so he and his Philippine staff can answer the phone and take orders using the foreign call center technique.  What bothered us was that he said he pretends to be in America when he's actually in the Philippines.  We don't think there is anything wrong with selling rolling papers into America from the Philippines (the Philippines are a beautiful place with very low labor costs so it makes perfect business sense).  However it is wrong to lie to people about where you are. Americans especially get upset about this. However many modern day call centers are located in Pakistan or the Philippines.  Fred uses mailing houses in America to have Dragonfly postcards and flyers sent to American Stores to solicit business.  The modern global economy is really amazing, especially with modern advances in technology. You can sell a product to anywhere from anywhere and nobody would ever know (but please don't lie about it guys!)

If you're smart, you can always catch people like Fred - it becomes a game of cat and mouse. 


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