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Welcome to ...The Rizla Gallery

featuring the La Croix Collection

The Gallery contains images of Rizla artwork - some old, some fairly recent.  There are far more in circulation than those below so if anyone has copies of others which I can include - please e-mail me.


Click on the thumbnails for closer view
J'aime la 
(circa 1925)
(circa  1921)
(circa 1890)
La Demoiselle
aux Fleurs
(circa  1915)
La dame en Rouge 
La Demoiselle 
de l'Orient
(circa 1925)
 Le Weekend 
en Mer 
(circa 1924)
La Dame
en Rouge
(circa 1926)
La Grande guerre
La Loge de la Chasse
Un peu de sympathie a l'hopital 
La Grande Guerre
(circa 1916)
 La Loge 
de la Chasse
(circa 1908)
Un peu de sympathie
à l'hôpital
(circa 1922)
Although Citizen La Croix was granted a license to manufacture paper. in April 1796, his family had been involved with paper making in France the 1660's.  With the flood of paperwork created by post revolutionary France, in addition to the Angouleme factory, the La Croix family established itself at the foot of the Pyrenees so as to take up its position in the fine quality paper markets of Europe.
During the mid nineteenth century the company started to produce its now renowned poster/calendar collection to promote the quality of its fine paper.
Commissioning leading commercial artists of the time and giving them carte blanche on subject matter, they were to produce with the quality reproduction Houses, of France, some of the finest examples of poster graphics.
After the second world war, a fire burnt to the ground the French factory and records, proofs and examples of nearly one hundred years of poster history were lost.
To the delight, of the UK branch of the company (the Rizla company of South Wales), the existence of sixteen printer proofs of various subjects from the collection surfaced in an auction room in York, England in 1986



Arcadia Bell

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