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Jaspen rollingpapers are bright white wood pulp papers supposedly made from “sustainably grown and cut trees”. It’s not a special paper, it’s just simply a private label standard Gizeh paper. Gizeh is a very large company and is the biggest brand of wood pulp rolling papers in Germany and Austria. You might notice that the artwork and marketing of Jaspen rollingpapers looks a LOT like American Spirit…Apparently the guy who owns this used to work there. Before that he worked in a weapons related company (can't make this stuff up). Jaspen rollingpapers markets itself as local however the papers are made many many thousands of miles away. It’s like someone selling Florida oranges in Antarctica and calling them local (shaking my head at this ridiculous locally made in Austria claim)

What we like: This paper is not made in China so it’s not JACP (Just Another Chinese Paper). Gizeh is a very good standardized paper especially if you like smoking whitened wood pulp.

What we don’t like: Jaspen isn’t a unique rolling paper, it’s just Gizeh with a different cover on it and double the price. We can all just buy the same Gizeh paper for 50% less and then donate the $1 savings to a real charity of OUR choice. We also don’t like the ridiculous “locally made halfway around the world” claim. Every company in every town could make that claim – even Chinese products sold locally could play this game. At actual local farmers markets and such, this guy would get laughed out of existence. We also much prefer the taste of smoking hemp papers to the sharp taste. We also don’t like the “vegan” claim because Jaspen promotes hot dogs, clams and meat barbeque events on their media . That’s the opposite of authentic and quite ridiculous.

What we are confused about: 

  1. Jaspen states they have very high ethical standards and even posted this on their media:

Jaspen Rolling Papers Ethical Standards
1. Jaspen will never target or sexually exploit young women to sell rolling papers.

However just below this they are promoting a relationship with “Girls Gone Weed”!  Saying “GirlsGoneWeed + Jaspen Papers”,  “Definitely check out the awesome GGdub ladies” and much more..

    2. Jaspen claims they donate 3% of their net profits (which is profits after all expenses and their own salaries) to charity, citing micro-loans on Kiva. However loans are not a donation. Kiva is a great organization and does good work, but in the end you can get the money you lend back unless the loan defaults, and over 98% get repaid. Donations should be real ideally to a true vegan organization :)

We are in the rolling paper industry and we like most rolling papers in the market.  This is one of the few brands we don’t like.


We compared Jaspen to Gizeh Silver Tip. To us they seem to be the identical paper with the identical "do re mi" watermark. Gizeh is a great value and can be found in Europe for extraordinarily low prices.