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Rasta Royale Rolling Papers.

Rasta Royale rolling papers are made in China, but they deceivingly put "made in PRC" in a hidden spot on the package. In case you don't know, PRC means Peoples Republic of China. They claim to use natural gum but testing showed them to actually be Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) - definitely NOT natural. They also claim to be hemp but testing showed them to be wood. They claim to be FSC (Forestry Steward Council) but that is only for wood (not for hemp, there is no FSC hemp it's only for trees) and based on their other lies they're probably lying about that too (among other things).

Rasta Royale claims to be unbleached and natural but I don't trust that either. They tasted funny, something is definitely wrong with these and I'm not going to smoke any more of them.

I hate it when Chinese companies lie and trick about where their products are made and what they're made from. I'll stick with papers made in Europe.