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Shine Rolling Papers


Gold Rolling papers: are they truly toxic or just controversial?

When we first saw Gold Papers in the marketplace we were surprised.  Everyone knows that getting metals into your lungs is a very bad thing (think of miner’s lungs and why they all wear respirators).  However we thought we’d give them the benefit of the doubt.  Unfortunately it looks like they’re not so different than huffing on gold flaked paint.  
In short what the research leads me to believe is:

Check this intel out From Instagram.com/goldpapersaretoxic 

The makers of Shine and other Gold rolling papers claim that the gold doesn’t really go into your lungs but instead stays in the ash.  We tested this claim and found that the gold does indeed go into your lungs.  We rolled a shine rolling paper with an acetate filter.  None of us were willing to smoke it so we hooked it up to a vacuum line as a smoke machine.  Then we examined the acetate filter under a microscope and found that yes, there was gold in the filter.  In real life, that filter is your lungs.
One person claimed that the gold rollingpapers burn at a lower temperature than fuming so they don’t become gaseous and are less toxic (not that they aren’t toxic but that they’re less toxic than gold fumes).
In practice though, many people light their cigarettes with a torch lighter. According to Wikipedia, Consumer air butane torches are often claimed to develop flame temperatures up to approximately 1,700 K (1,430 °C; 2,600 °F). This temperature is high enough to melt many common metals, such as aluminum and copper, and hot enough to vaporize many organic compounds as well.
In addition, even if you used a low temperature lighter you are still inhaling heated gold particles into your lungs combined with other organic compounds.   The gold particles will remain in your lungs until a lung transplant or death.  Even tar from tobacco will break down in the lungs, but gold will not.   So, it may be safe or it may be toxic however we recommend strongly against smoking gold rolling papers.   You’re probably better off smoking cigars.

Funny side note; One of the producers of gold rollingpapers has this on his website (at least they’re being honest – sort of…)

Ask any glassblower and they will tell you the dangers of gold fuming while they work their craft. If someone trying to sell you gold papers tells you “it’s different these don’t burn as hot” please ignore them – their heartless goal is to make money from you regardless of the lung damage they cause. Using a torch lighter is exactly the same as using a torch on gold, it causes toxic fumes.
So, in our opinion this is a product to be avoided.  If you must smoke one go with the Shine papers, they’ve been around longer and are more honest in their approach “we don’t know if it’s toxic, we haven’t done any studies” as opposed to the others who will say anything to separate you from your money.