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Ken Blake in San Leandro, California at 02:52:05 Tuesday May 24 2005
I just had ocasion to try the "NEW EZ ROLL" papers. Rolling papers are easier to crease, for those in need, than uncrease for those who don't. My vote is against the new format. Besides which, I liked the puzzles. The Bugler papers are now just like everyone elses. Sincerely, Ken Blake

khan in westerlo at 15:22:44 Monday January 3 2005
ur web side is very interesting, so in need the address of rizla+ company in beligium or any dealer in beligium.please send me the address and telephone/fax number. thanks for held. fafa bvba

Dorian in Stockholm at 15:15:32 Wednesday December 22 2004
Nice site, and great guestbook. (<= bait)

Bill in Syracuse at 00:34:02 Wednesday December 15 2004
I like the SD Modiano Cigarette rolling papers they burn very clean leaving no ash. I wont use anything other than SD Modiano when it comes to papers.

G.A.C.Trading GmbH in hamburg/germany at 14:49:35 Tuesday December 14 2004
dear sirs, we are looking for the e-mail address of messrs. rizla, mr. denis, as we want to ask them for some offers for export nigeria. thks. in advance for your kind and prompt attention and best regards, inge minners G.A.C. Trading GmbH Hopfenmarkt 32 D20457 Hamburg / Germany Tel. +49/40/37518119 Fax +49/40/37519383 Mobile +49/171/6973413+4 Laogs 01/4734818 www.export-partner.com

fareed khattak in islamabad at 13:36:00 Saturday December 11 2004
dear sir i want to know about cigrette paper and tipping paper so please give me details many thanks

feroz in flat b-308 shumail terrace manak jee streat garden east karachi at 16:55:50 Thursday December 9 2004
plz sent me my email address advantage or dis advantage of smooking

Adnan Shah in KARACHI. at 13:39:35 Saturday December 4 2004

Alex Kerry at 16:22:21 Thursday November 25 2004
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Ahmed in Kiev at 12:55:29 Thursday November 25 2004
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John in http://www.buy-and-save.net at 14:54:20 Friday November 12 2004
Beautiful site!

Jeremy Daniel Monjure in Albuquerque, New Mexico at 00:23:44 Thursday October 28 2004
I have just recently bought a pack of Lion of Judah rolling papers and noticed the inside of the front tab advertised a t-shirt. I would like a t-shirt but I do not know how to obtain one seeing as the advertisement doesn't give instructions. Is there a way to do this and if so how. I look foward to enjoying your product and hope to hear from you soon!-J

s in buenos aires at 05:49:01 Friday October 15 2004
hi great page, i found you page in http://www.ithaki.net keep up the good work+++++ your page is really original and the botticellis all around provide a nice touch of colour. i am amazed with the middle east papers, i only knew the ottomman... btw, they are two sizes of this papers, i-ve bought a big one and a common one. some suggestions : please add the prices of each box and a link to the best priced store in the net, if there-s one, everyone can help you with that, i know some addresses but i suppose you already know them because they are at the back of the most common papers, it would be really helpful so you can buy you fave with a click...

teddy in conarkry at 15:1:36 Monday April 22 2002
very nice

Chuck in Palm City, FL. USA at 19:7:46 Sunday February 17 2002
Thank you for an excellent informative site. I have been in the Papers Business for 30 years. If I may help you expand your collection, feel free to let me know. Our current products can be found at rollingpaperwarehouse.com Best regards, Chcuk

loz in ilkeston at 19:18:18 Saturday February 16 2002
It seems to me that us english users of rizlas are having sub standard papers distributed by rizla because they know we will put up with any old rubbish.The papers don't stick,the corners are cut any old how, the machines fall apart after a few months and they're more expensive here than anywhere else on the planet.Ther's only one thing for it BOYCOTT

amy in cortland, new york at 18:27:28 Friday February 8 2002
high man! awesome sight

coy boggs in lansing mi at 0:47:52 Thursday February 7 2002
bugler is a fine smoking tobacco.the only problem i have is that the other day i got a can of bugler and there was no papers in it. besides that bugler is the best smoking tobacco i've smoked to this day. thank you coy boggs

jake in dalas at 21:26:30 Saturday February 2 2002
rizla are the best

Mitch in Melbourne, Australia at 22:56:33 Friday February 1 2002
Hiya Kevin, The site still looks as wonderful as ever! Hope all is well with you and I am thinking of you always.. What's with the Rizlas's huh?? Rizla red are out of production too! I've been using OCB papers made by Zig Zag, which are very good - slow burning King Size thin paper and 3/4 sizes- check them out via my website at http://www.scrolleytips.com Thanks Kev, love ya - Mitch xx

Larry in New Orleans, USA at 16:50:34 Wednesday November 21 2001
Great site. I am beginning a collection of rolling papers and am interested in corresponding with others who are doing the same. My collection is very new, and I need to learn all there is about the care, storage and display of my collection, as well as sources for buying, selling, and trading. Thanks for reading this. Thanks, Arcadia Bell. Any collectors out there feel free to email me with advice or comments.

Peter in Hilden / gErmany at 11:19:45 Wednesday August 22 2001
Hi Kevin ! - I am still checking your guestbook and looking for an update... Hope you are ok , ALL THE BEST - Peter http://members.tripod.com/~p1rip/index.html

Tom in Zürich at 21:56:8 Monday August 20 2001
Very nice this site!!

The Benezra Sisters in London at 16:37:18 Saturday August 18 2001
A very Good site, except we found it impossible to order the products that we were after. Please send us some information on how to order as we would oder a fair amount on a regular basis.

James and Sarah Gregory in Combs, Stowmarket UK / Riverview, Michigan USA at 19:59:41 Thursday August 9 2001
We came , we saw, nice collection Kevin... ...laters and take care. James and Sarah :)

LEVI STONE in tORONTO, CANADA at 19:39:1 Friday June 8 2001

rastaman in kingston at 15:3:46 Friday May 4 2001

Imran in karachi at 20:14:50 Saturday January 27 2001
I like this site

Robbert in Groningen (NL) at 21:36:20 Wednesday January 24 2001
Hey, Nice site, very nice. One question... how do I contact MICRES ("The Mascotte Company"), 'cause I'd like to complain about that last green paper in the Mascotte Special... If your in a dark place, like a bar or club, there's no way to tell that your cigarette will taste like ... and fall apart, so that it wasn't a cigarettepaper you were using... :-(

chain smoker in moose jaw at 20:27:15 Tuesday November 28 2000
i love smoking thank you for making this page so i can share my love smoking do you know what is really funny????if you use cigarette paper and write on it or lite a fire with it or show your kids how to roll their own ..................

Willy Banjo in Preston at 23:25:30 Sunday September 10 2000
Very Very Nice www.willybanjo.co.uk

Jamie Koscielniak in Thunder Bay, On, Canada at 19:22:39 Sunday September 10 2000
Great page, I'm just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me where to purchase foreign rolling papers (like the ones on this webpage)in Canada? Thanks, Jamie

aly in orderville at 5:29:41 Monday July 24 2000
this is a really awsomem site

ashley in london at 10:49:57 Thursday July 13 2000
very nice site here a bit boring

BREUIL in CHANONAT at 12:57:3 Sunday March 5 2000
Nice site! I'm a french cigarette paper collector. I'm looking for exchanging with other collectors all over the world! My favourite paper for rolling is Zigzag 602 bis

Michael Czerhoniak in Vernon,New Jersey at 3:8:4 Thursday February 10 2000
Awesome sight. As a hobby, I collect rolling paper booklets from around the world. It's great to see all the paper compainies under one page. Keep on rolling! Peace

kris & gab in st-ours at 19:21:15 Tuesday January 25 2000
great site, lots of info about my favorite paper I would like to know what are your top five favorite paper of all time

Caers Paul in Antwerp (Belgium) at 10:36:25 Sunday January 2 100
Very nice, see also my website http://members.xoom.com/caepau/

Caers Paul in Antwerp (Belgium) at 10:33:15 Sunday January 2 100
Very nice, see also my website http://members.xoom.com/caepau/

Peter in Hilden/Germany at 18:41:26 Tuesday November 9 99
Kevin, I am very happy that your website is online again ! See you on tour.... http://members.tripod.com/~p1rip/index.html

Adam in Cambridgshire at 21:7:35 Friday January 15 99
Hi Kev Mate! Cool Sight. Bloody hell, when you said that you had a sight on rizlas and other papers but i never thought that It would be that big and you have put so much time and effort into it. Keep up the good work and I'll speak to you the next time the computers at work balls up! Adam

Johan in Amsterdam at 17:49:44 Thursday January 7 99
Cool Site Man, Love the Highland Papers section They are definetly the Best. So say all the Amsterdam Posse.

Werner Baumann in Scottsdale at 19:24:51 Wednesday January 6 99
could you please inform of any companys that supply custom rolling papers thanks Werner Baumann

Smoky in London at 18:15:11 Wednesday January 6 99
Great site and great links i never heard of Pot & Pan before but now thanks to your link i,m on their mailing list and recieve my monthly supplies of Large skins and roaches by post . better than subscribing to a magazine Cheers Smoky

Dave in Sydney at 0:1:26 Saturday December 12 98
What an incredibly good and original site. Bookmarked for posterity. I'll never again have to wonder "what were those skins I used when I couldn't get my King-Size Blues"

N. Wasson in alexandria at 2:27:57 Tuesday November 17 98
Great site keep up the good work.

d. brent in hunt bch ca at 20:48:30 Monday November 2 98
adore the site. my collection runs to 500-600 different packs. i want to be in contact with all collectors. many duplicates to trade or sell. this will become america's greatest hobby! replace all portraits of mao with the zig zag man! mr. foy for president! d brent

james in LONDON at 17:50:12 Sunday September 6 98
Quality papers man!

Doug in Buffalo, NY at 0:29:38 Thursday August 6 98
I really like your page. I always like rolling my own cigarettes and getting lots of neat papers. This collection is great!

Jenny in vancouver at 19:42:37 Monday July 20 98
This is an interseting site, but how do you order the papers you finally find? There should be an order page. That's all I have to say. Thanks for the site.

Jonathan McRae in Vernon, BC, Canada at 3:45:24 Friday July 17 98
Hello, I was wondering where in Vernon or anywhere in the Okanagan where you guys sell the giant Zig-zags. could u pleeze mail me and tell me where which ones are sold. thanx.

Charlie Huang in Taipei, Taiwan at 11:30:0 Thursday July 16 98
Re-visit your web site, and find more great collections. It's great!

Manolo in Valencia at 13:1:31 Friday July 10 98
I'm a collector and I wont to trade A nice web. Soy coleccionista y me gustaria hacer cambios Una web muy buena

Colin in Thunder Bay at 7:9:0 Tuesday July 7 98
I collect papers. great page.

Peter in Hilden at 13:16:19 Thursday July 2 98
Hi, great ! - I´m lucky that you have updated some papers. I hope to hear from anyone who want to trade with me. My trading homepage: http://pages.vossnet.de/p1rip/p1rip/

Darryl Goebel in Milwaukee, WI at 14:55:50 Sunday June 21 98
I'm SO happy to have found your site. I have a handsome collection, with lots of antique papers (all virgin packs). I'll be spending a lot of time reviewing your collection, and planning my site. BTW: How are you with historical DATE-PRODUCED-RANGE data? It would be nice to at least have "decade-cd" or some other indication as to age. The only thing I know is when I found them. I'm sure we'll stay in contact. VRRRRRROOOOOOMMMMMMM Harley CUN'O3 for the 100th. Darryl

David Grandi in Rome - Italy at 2:18:27 Saturday June 20 98
Nice!!! I'm finding some product to bring near my actual distribution and this database is very interesting. Thanks for your job!

Indybud ;{-~ in Valley Springs Calif at 9:15:16 Friday June 19 98
Very Cool site, Love the detail, will be back, for sure..(Grin)

jonathan shupe at 23:9:52 Saturday May 16 98
i love this page where i live all you can really find is JOB and ZIG ZAG

Tom Cheney in Watertown, NY at 2:17:37 Thursday April 23 98
A delightful site you have here. I've used "TOP" brand papers for quite some time, but don't see them here. Might they also be under another name. I believe they're issued by "Republic Tobacco," makers of TOP cigarette tobacco.

Gino Mantero in Millesimo-Italy at 19:44:55 Wednesday April 8 98
All is very interesting! Congratulations!

BuRnOuT in marilynd at 2:30:44 Monday April 6 98
i like your paper page keep doing it

Russ Wilson at 18:27:35 Wednesday April 1 98
Nice site. I've tried a lot of different papers, and Club are by far the best. The only thing you smoke is the smoke.

ted gepford in beaverton or at 0:48:52 Sunday March 29 98
congratulations on your site. I'm interested in rolling techniques by hand e.g., single-hand variations, rolling tucked ends, any unusual/esthetic twists that readers may want to note to me. theodorel@yahoo.com

Florian CESCHI in Montélimar at 19:57:36 Thursday March 26 98
This site is excellent!!! I just wanna know if there is a site where I can order these rolling papers. I'm french and I'ld try every kind of papers! Can U help me?

Peter in Hilden at 12:56:55 Sunday March 22 98
Hi,looking at your site is always very interesting....greetings to all visitors ....if someone want to trade: http://pages.vossnet.de/p1rip/p1rip

Anon at 22:53:2 Saturday March 21 98
Hey, you have to work a lot. You don't update the web from 1 march.....:-) Loris

bram in holland at 18:53:41 Friday March 20 98
i want to order a box of smoking green papers i need it so bad

twister in burnaby bc at 4:1:12 Thursday March 19 98
very nice presentation and collection- i always buy papers (no tobacco thanks)- i have some "Transparent Invisible Rolling Papers"-from Joint Adventures Coconut Grove FL (Lol, ...novelty?)they work good, a very old OCB (a gift from a co-worker) also various Bambu Club TOP Bugler Zig-Zag Rizla Export Players Drum etc.- the hemp papers are very good - the "Club burning test" sure works and is fun! also watch some dealers-stores sell papers for huge markups-read rip-off prices tobacco shops and grocery stores are ok eg."white zig-zags please!"-(i cut half the glue off)100 leaves -usual price around $0.65 cdn+ tax

Manolo in Valencia at 16:9:49 Tuesday March 17 98
congratulations for your page. I'm a rolling papers collector if you wont you can visit my page http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/3191 this is an interesting link for you: http://ctv.es/USERS/joquer

anthony in Portland, Oregon at 21:39:10 Monday March 16 98
this article was very good and i really like it can you send me some statistics and booklets about smoking. thank you.

Joseph Morrell in Cambridge at 13:2:33 Friday March 13 98
Alright Kevin, Neat Site. see you at work. Here is My Site of the week. check it out. Http:\\www.Poopmoose.com Email me with any Cool sites.

Michael in Wauwatosa, WI. U.S.A. at 1:31:42 Friday March 13 98
Very interesting, didn't think I was the only person who has a paper collection, ya well I just got a computer, but it all started with a head shop in the 60's, and it's a fair collection ie: 9 different pks of abadie, I have mine in lg. binders great to look at, now from a smokers view 'Club' S.D. Modiano ungumed is the finest rolling paper - because of the quality, this paper adds nothing to the natural herb you enhale - nice page

Dione Schwarz in Lake Oswego, Oregon at 6:39:19 Monday March 9 98
fun page, I have just started to role some of my own smokes, and apreciate the info. Thanks

Peter in Hilden/Germany at 19:22:37 Sunday March 8 98
Hi Kevin, after a few weeks I looked at your updates .... Great .... many papers added...and your site is much faster now.

Kimberly in Jefferson Iowa at 3:29:56 Saturday March 7 98
Hello! I am doing a report on the effects of tobacco in school and I found this website>

Anon in Indianapolis IN USA at 0:49:9 Saturday March 7 98
cool site! never thought id see a rolling paper collection, great idea . i was lookig for information on zig zags! surprised i didnt see a box roll of clubs.

arise in montreal at 23:21:50 Friday March 6 98
hi! if you are like me and only roll your joint whit zig-zag you should look my site http://www.openface.ca/~arise/home.htm in the pot section

Joe Blow in L.A at 21:14:38 Thursday March 5 98
great page

ricard clos in barcelona at 19:45:5 Saturday February 14 98
I've just discovered this amazing page,and all of this it's so interesting.I'm a collector and i have about 1000 pieces.if anyone wants to change,together could do something great.My hotest congratulations to Arcadia Bell.(sorry for my english)See you soon!!!! This is my e-mail adress: rclos.m@tvc.es

Peter Cuisinier in Killeen Tx usa at 5:54:44 Wednesday February 4 98
hey! I like your site. Im prepairing to open a smoke/gift shop in the next 60 or so days. I would like to know where to get papers at whole sale prices or below so I can sell to other outlet and stores as well. Regards, Peter PS: keep up the good work

David Levy in London at 0:12:7 Thursday January 29 98
Great service, put a smile on our faces. any idea how to contact 'cord' rizlas in the uk?

Rob in Birmingham at 12:8:34 Tuesday January 27 98
Cool didn,t know so many papers existed . Which would you say smokes the best? Keep up good work.

Arnaud Descault in Paris -- France at 11:4:40 Tuesday January 20 98
A really big fat size bravissimo for this collection ... Don't forget ... OCB is the Best . :) Thanx for your work (The only rolling paper database)

Andrew Scott in Glasgow at 14:32:56 Monday January 12 98
I didn't think there would be anything on " The best rolling Papers in the world" thankfully I was wrong

Dave in East Kilbride at 2:7:18 Sunday January 11 98
Great page mate! I loved the bit about the Scottish skins. They're not given enough credit!

David Reinhardt in South Elgin, IL at 22:32:40 Saturday January 10 98
Just looking around to read about the cigarette papers... Am looking for sites where I might find cigarette rolling machines, etc... Thank you for allowing me on your site!!